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Accounts preparation and taxation are part of our day-to-day activities at Rochvilles & Co. With the current regime of filing deadlines and penalties, timely service has become all the more important. We pride ourselves in getting our clients’ accounts and self-assessment completed on time, well before there filing deadline.

Some consider historical accounts as only useful for satisfying statutory obligations. We however believe that the way your company has performed in the past can be a vital tool in planning for the future and can be used to assess areas of a business that require most attention.

We will prepare your accounts promptly and efficiently. We will then provide you with a clear explanation of your accounts and tax situation to ensure that you have a full understanding of the figures prepared for you.

Business Plans & starts up

When you decide to take that leap and start your own business you need to make substantial preparations in order to make sure that it is not a leap into the unknown. Failure to plan often means you’re planning to fail.

As well as actually carrying out your chosen profession or trade there are many crucial decisions to be made.

Should I operate as a sole trader, partnership or limited company? Which is
The most tax efficient decision for me, how do I deal with the tax office, what taxes will I pay and what accounting records do I need to keep.

Will there be any legislation and regulation that applies to me and how do I make sure that I comply with the law. Rochvilles & Co. will take the worry and concerns away from you. We will guide you from the beginning to the end, including writing your business plans for you, registering your business with all various authorities and supporting you all the way to the end.

Business Transfer agent

Rochvilles & Co. are expert in there own fields, if you are starting up a business and decide to buy an existing business at a sum plus stock, we will help you to provide expert opinion on the business, carryout due diligent on the existing business and report back to you, we will assist you by taking in-dept look at the business performance over the last three years and report back to you, check all the business record of income and expenditure, including profit and loss and balance sheet. We will duly report back to you and advise you whether in our opinion, the business is viable for the foreseeable future.

Commercial Mortgages

Residential mortgage business is a regulated market by the financial services authority (FSA) we are happy to say that we are authorised to conduct residential mortgage business.  Rochvilles & Co. financial services is an appointed Representative of Genesis home loans plc which is authorised and regulated by the financial services authority. We advise on the whole of market for mortgages and insurance mediations.

Corporation Tax

Careful planning can save a business or an individual thousands of pounds in tax. At Rochvilles & Co. Our expertise in tax matters means that we can look at ways to legitimately save you money in tax. We also undertake to carry out routine tax work on time, so that tax returns are prepared and submitted well before their due date.

The introduction of self-assessment has placed a greater burden on individual taxpayers to keep their income tax affairs in good order. We will deal with the Inland Revenue on your behalf, relieving you of the burden. We will ensure that you comply with tax and accounting rules. More importantly, we can assist you to minimize your tax bill to the best possible terms.

We are Fellow members of the Federation of Tax Advisors as such we guarantee that you will receive the best possible tax advise you can get. Corporation tax is payable by all UK resident companies and unincorporated associations on the tax adjusted profits that they make for each accounting period. There are various rates depending on the level of the profits.

A company is required to complete a self-assessment tax return form and submit this to the Inland Revenue one year after their accounting year-end. They are also required to pay any corporation tax due nine months after the end of accounting period, whilst large companies must make quarterly payments on account of their estimated corporation tax liability.

Formation of Companies & Limited liability Partnership

We are company formation agent, we will help you to form a limited company within twenty-four hours, off the shelf or same day company formation or with your own name within seven working days. We will provide the memorandum of association, and even act as your nominee company secretary and provide a registered office for you at a minimal cost.

Funding Raising

At Rochvilles & Co., we always see the success of our clients as our own personal success, this is an objectives that we are build on, we will at all time assist our clients to source the best possible funding available to help them meet their day to day working capital and run their business at the most efficientway as possible.

Mergers & Acquisition

Rochvilles & Co .can help you to buy or sell a business as quickly and easily as possible. Using our agents and brokers we will make sure that the exchange takes place at the best possible price.

We at Rochvilles & Co. understand that there may be many reasons why an owner decides to sell a business. The need for a change in direction or retirement can be a powerful motivator. You may be entrepreneur who has decided to sell your business at its peek and crave a new challenge. You may have simply decided that you want a complete change in direction.

The case may even be that you simply want to keep an open mind and sell your business if a keen buyer turns up who will make you an offer that you cannot refuse. Rochvilles & Co. is committed to helping you buy or sell a business as quickly and painlessly as possible, at the best possible price.

Personal and Capital gain Tax

Capital gains tax is payable by individuals who are resident or ordinarily resident in the UK and who make a disposal of an asset in a tax year.

Not all assets are chargeable to capital gains tax. The main exemptions include your only or main residence, private motor cars, chattels bought and sold for less than £6,000, shares held in an ISA, gambling winnings etc.

There are various deductions to be set against the disposal proceeds of the asset(s). These include, the cost of sale, original cost of asset, current year capital losses, capital losses from earlier years, indexation allowance, taper relief and annual exemption.

There are additional rules where part of an asset is disposed of, where there are losses brought forward or in the year of disposal and where assets were originally held before 31 March 1982.

Annual exemption

Everyone resident in the UK is entitled to an annual exemption to set against their total capital gains in the tax year. The rate for 2005/2006 is £8,500.

Payment of tax due on capital disposals

If there is a chargeable gain, after all allowable deductions have been made, tax will be payable on this amount at either 10%, 20% or 40%, depending on the taxpayers total income for the year. The liability will be due for payment on the 31 January following the year of assessment. For any gains in 2005/2006, the tax becomes payable on 31 January 2006.

The tax paid does not form part of the calculation in determining the level of payments on account that are required for the following tax year.


The Director of any small business will tell you that life is simple until you hire your first employee, from here on words, you find out what a red tape means to your business, you become an involuntary tax collector and may even be fined for getting it wrong or sending in forms late. The truth is that most directors have less time in their hands to go through all these files and manuals.

At Rochvilles we will be pleased to relieve you of the burden. You can get on with running your business in the knowledge that experienced professionals are making sure that the payroll is calculated properly and that your business complies with the law. We will deal with the Revenue on your behalf and makes sure that all forms are completed accurately and submitted by the due date